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LAN Design Project Outline


            Country Sampler Group is a growing publishing company that is now producing four bi-monthly magazines.  These magazines deliver interior design ideas, decorating ideas, and also promote independent crafters with their products.  The development of the magazine consists of photos and page layouts that have to be exchanged between departments multiple times before a final product can be created.  Photos taken must be given to the Art department for proper layout.  Those layouts must be able to fit a certain amount of type that is on the page.  The type has to be proofread for no mistakes and also make sure the text is talking about the pictured item correctly.  Plus images that will have to be used for the website will be given to the webmaster too.  The need for a network in this business is self evident.  The many levels of transferring the information from one area to the next takes time.  The time used can be reduced and also all data can be centralized with the use of a network.  The publishing deadline, due to its multiple bi-monthly issues, heightens the need for a continuous, and running workflow.  Since all information used is critical to the publishing deadlines, backups of the information can be implemented with the network as well to prevent any data loss. 

Company Organization

The company offers magazine space to independent crafters promoting their crafts, along with other magazines with decorating tips, and selling strategies.  They publish 4 bi-monthly magazines.

There are different departments that handle the production of the company.  The Warehouse receives, and stores all crafter products that are sent to company.  They also pickup and deliver the mail to the post office and throughout the building.  The sales department contact current crafters, future crafters, and all that are interested in participating with the company.  These crafters come from all over the United States.  Once the crafter has signed up for a specific offer that we have available, they send their product in.  Once received in the warehouse, the catalog department begins taking photos of all the products and attaching the magazine layout information.  Professional pictures of the product are taken in the photo studio either isolated, or in a conjunction of other crafter items.  The Art department creates the pictures in the layout of the magazine page, along with the story or text that is provided by the Editorial department.  The prepress department is the final step before the final product gets sent for publishing.  The Circulation department is responsible for the new incoming subscriptions for the magazine and also doing public showings to get the magazine’s name and popularity out.  The Accounting department handles the financial aspects of the company, as well as check distribution.  And last but not least the Technical department handles all technical issues with any of the equipment that is needed to perform the tasks of all departments.  Departments

1.       Accounting

2.       Sales

3.       Catalog

4.       Warehouse

5.       Art

6.       Editorial

7.       Technical

8.       Circulation

9.       Prepress


The company has 200 employees with 9 separate departments as listed above.  There are 31 rooms, including individual offices and excluding the warehouse dock.  The company has only one building that is on one floor.

Organization Chart and Information Flow

Information flows in the following:

  1. Circulation Department
  2. Sales/CB Sales
  3. Warehouse
  4. Catalog
  5. Photo Studio
  6. Art Department (the flow between 6 and 7 are passed back and forth)
  7. Editorial
  8. Prepress
  9. Warehouse
  10. Technical and Accounting information flow evenly throughout the company.




Cut Sheet Sample









Cable ID

Cross Connection Paired#/Port#

Type of Cable


IDF1 to Rm 125


HCC1/Port 3

Cat5 UTP


IDF1 to Rm 125


HCC1/Port 4

Cat5 UTP




VCC1/Port 1

Multimode Fiber




VCC1/Port 2

Multimode Fiber


Pricing Chart
  Item  Item Price  Quantity  Total Price 
Hardware Devices Cisco 2600 Router  $        539.58 3  $    1,618.74
  Cisco Catalyst 2950G-48 48 port Switch   $     3,229.88 6  $  19,379.28
  Cat5e 1000ft 4 pair UTP bulk   $        194.60 4  $       778.40
  Belkin Patch Panel 48 Port  $        155.99 6  $       935.94
  Sony AIT-3 External Tape Drive  $     3,919.08 1  $    3,919.08
  Compaq Proliant ML310 Server  $     2,147.00 1  $    2,147.00
Total Hardware  $  28,778.44
Software Items NovaNet backup software  $        318.94 1  $       318.94
  Windows 2000 Server OS  $     3,396.97 1  $    3,396.97
   Total Software   $    3,715.91
  Total  $  32,494.35
  Service  Price/Month 
Running Cost Dedicated Access Line (T1)  $     1,553.23

IP Address Schema