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Games-To-Play, Inc. Network Installation Proposal
Created by Joe Cothard, Ravi Sripada, and Ruth Maisonet
  To Whom It May Concern: Your company representatives recently contacted us, to execute a plan to set up a local area network for your organization. We recognize that Games-To-Play, Inc. is a successful on-line reseller and distribution company, and in order to effectively enhance shared resources and communications within your organization, while delivering maximum uptime on the Internet. Our company would like to propose a detailed groundwork to implement your local area network. We strongly believe that our strategy is cost-effective and affordable, and at the same time, it will provide effective communications between your employees and offer a platform that will pool their resources. The plan we have created will offer Games-To-Play Inc., manageability, control, and the ability to distribute the central information throughout your organization. We have designed an excellent LAN system for the 50 concurrent users employed with Games-To-Play. The four departments affected by the new LAN are the Sales, Accounting, Human Resources, and IT
Support services.

Hardware Installation Plan

Server Installation Plan


We recommend a local area network implementing Windows 2000 Prof. Instituting a local area network is essential in order to provide effective communications between the employees and to offer a platform that will pool their resources. It will also create a more balanced and cohesive communication within the company. Our carefully detailed LAN will offer Games-To-Play, Inc., manageability, control, and the ability to distribute the central information throughout the organization. To begin the process of setting up the network, two Compaq ProLiant DL380R servers will fully handle your network needs. The purpose of using two servers, is in case one goes down at any time, then the second can take over. When the primary server gets fixed the secondary server will give the primary server full control.

The Compaq ProLiant DL3801R Sever has many features that make it the choice for your networking needs. A company that has a very good reputation, and has been around for many years manufactures the servers. In addition, the server features RAID capabilities, and are integrated with Ultra2 SCSI, and can handle dual processing, with 64-bit PCI slots. The server has 512 KB installed and 1 GB of L2 cache. Along with 256 MB installed and up to 6 GB of RAM. The Sever includes various networking Operating Systems, including Windows 2000 Server Windows NT Server 4.0, and Red Hat Linux 7.0. We recommend Windows 200 Sever because it has very high level o security of data. The server has a Pentium III processor, and comes with a three-year warranty.

Workstation Installation Plan


The Dell Dimensions 1.5 Ghz processor, with 512 RAM, 40 GB hard drive and Windows 2000, are the workstations currently in use at Games-to-Play. We plan to continue use with these machines with the network installation. The outstanding status and reliable Dell brand will facilitate simple usability to assist the employees in their daily tasks and work-related daily activities.

Network Services And Account Creation Plan
  All users of the network will have there own network ID and password. They will also have a small amount of memory space in the server, where they can save personal files aside from those available to the whole organization.

Printing Services Plan

  Installing five printers for each department will give your employees more power and accessibility. The HP LaserJet 2200 Network printer will improve your printing requests. It is network enabled to Windows 2000 Server, with a cluster of features including 1200 x 1200 dpi, resolution and can print 19 pages a minute. With its 133MHz, RISC processor the printer can print the first page within 15 seconds, and features automatic duplexing. Other important feature include, the printers ability to understand numerous languages including Adobe Postscript 2 and HP PCL 6, and it can print pages up to 81/2 in x 14 including envelopes, labels, plain paper, cards, and more. It consists of 8 MB and a max of 72MB of DIMM RAM.

Backup and Fault Tolerance Plan


A daily backup is a necessary and vital tool. This will manage your network with great performance. The backups will be installed on tape because it handles the majority amounts of data with the least amount of problems. In addition, the tape is then saved to a computer outside the local area, just in case of a fire or unexpected disturbance, causing loss of crucial data. After a week the information can be erased and used again for backups.

We also plan on installing a UPS Series Extra Run Time Smart. This will protect the network in case of any power problem that can cause data loss or corruption. Some of the features that it provides are a surge cap of 480 joules, and indicators for on/off test, LEDs, on-line, and replacement battery.

Network Computer Supplies
  A computer room will be necessary to store critical networking equipment. First, you will need one 19" durable and solid steel distribution rack. The racks are easy to assemble and will provide easy access and manageability for your IT staff in later time. Two 48-port patch panels, two 48-port Cisco switches, and Cisco router will be used for the hardware aspect of your network along with the necessary Cat5e cable to run and connect all the organizations computers.
Software Installation Plan
  All applications currently owned by your company will be fully operational after the network installation. These applications are listed as follows. The Web development team requires current and updated software to create web-based assignments. The software applications that will successfully aid in superb graphical web pages are Adobe GoLive, for building HTML websites. Adobe Photoshop 7.0, an image editing tool for the web and various publications. Macromedia Flash MX to produce rich Internet multimedia applications with powerful, video multimedia and application development features. The sales department would benefit from ACT! 2000 a contact management tool that keeps tracks of customer's history information and track orders. Finally, the Accounting division will use the CITRIX MetaFrame and integrated software program.